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Restaurant management doesn’t need to be complicated.

Our Lunchbox digital POS is all you need to stay in control of your business, all from a single screen.



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Drive more revenue, expand your business.

Use customer data to drive revenue. Leverage up-sell prompts and digital ads from our self-service apps to increase average check size and sales.

Let your chefs focus on the food

Reduce ticket times, minimise order errors, increase the speed of service, cut paper costs, and even help the environment.

Spend more time with diners, less on errors

Enable servers to take tableside orders using our Waiter app. Add or remove items with a tap of a button. Enjoy fewer ordering errors and happier customers.

Turn customers into lifelong patrons

Customise dining experiences that capture your audience’s interest. Provide self-service counters or table-side ordering  to expand your patrons.

Reduce back office headaches

Minimise paperwork and admin tasks. Real-time inventory management, Set up reorder alerts, manage payroll, schedule employee shifts, and update your menu.

A smart, personalised digital solution for restauranteurs

Lunchbox POS is everything you need to run a successful restaurant business. Designed by people who know the ins and outs of the restaurant business, our POS system enables you to run your entire restaurant from a single screen.


From managing inventory, payments, and table seating to staff schedules, we can simplify all the tedious tasks for you and your staff. We can also create streamline ordering and payment processing experiences for your guests.

Our POS system enables you to manage your business on-the-go. Lunchbox always keeps you in the loop, showing you what’s going on in your business anytime, anywhere.

Lunchbox POS, manage your entire restaurant from one screen
  • Order Taking

  • Inventory Management

  • Customised Payment Processing

  • Personalised Floor and Table Plan Management

  • Staff Management and Scheduling

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Menu Management

  • 200+ features: Training, Open Drawer, Takeaway Options, and More

  • Offline Mode, Manage Your Business Even Without Internet

  • Supports All Android devices

Main POS

Reports & full management system


Efficiency, analytics, and security with a cloud-based digital solution

  • Manage your entire business from the cloud

  • Gather data from every transaction

  • Keep customers’ credit card information safe and secure

  • Access cloud-based reports in real-time from anywhere at anytime

  • Gain a POS system that can scale with your business

  • Let the POS crunch all the numbers and send you regular reports





Reports & Analytics

Kitchen app (KDS)

Run your kitchen at top speed 

  • Manage queues effortlessly

  • Put real-time orders on display

  • Provides proper order summary

  • Map items to corresponding stations

  • Capture order history

  • Monitor prep time to increase efficiency

  • Send alerts if orders are taking too long

  • Notifies waiters when orders are ready to be served

  • Supports unlimited stations

  • Connect with printers and tablets to notify the kitchen immediately

Kiosk app

Put your customers first using our self-service Kiosk app

  • Set up additional sales channels to reduce lines

  • Simplify the ordering experience, increase accuracy

  • Add mouth-watering photos to increase customer appetites

  • Use up-sell prompts to increase average check size and sales

  • Improve checkout speed & reduce labour costs

  • Exceed customer expectation & increase staff tips



Create unforgettable dining 

experiences with an E-menu app

  • Create unique self-service customer experiences

  • Reduce labour costs and boosts profits

  • Improve total efficiency

  • Notifies waiters when a customer places an order

  • Promote digital ads to increase average check size

  • Syncs with your Kitchen Display System

Kitchen KDS App
Kiosk & E-Menu

Waiter app

Supercharge your servers

  • Pocket-friendly, painless order taking

  • Send detailed orders straight to the kitchen

  • Fast, simple, and secure payment processes

  • Deliver exceptional customer service

  • Alert waiters when orders are ready to be served

  • Supports waiter-to-waiter communications

  • See how your servers are performing on the restaurant floor

  • Compatible with all Android devices

  • Syncs with the main POS and other Lunchbox apps

Image by Camille Chen
Waiter App

Diner App

Serve customers quickly

  • Enhances visibility of menu or specials

  • Set up table-side ordering for diners

  • Enable customers to pay from their mobile phones

  • Send orders immediately to the kitchen

  • Keep your patrons’ personal information safe and secure

  • Available for download on Google Play and the iTunes stores

Image by chuttersnap
Diner App

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